Cookery Courses In Cornwall

Published August 10th, 2020 Cookery Courses In Cornwall Published in: General

Cornwall has established itself as a top foodie destination with top-class chefs establishing themselves here and opening restaurants to showcase their talents in the kitchen. Boasting the freshest produce from land and sea its easy to see why.

If you are a budding chef and want to learn some new skills, have skills but want to hone in on them or perhaps you are a complete invoice but are up for the challenge then you are guaranteed to gain a lot from these cookery schools. Or maybe you just want to create something.

These cookery schools are inspiring and educational, on many levels; you are sure to learn a thing or two and discover many tips from these tremendous chefs. Will you be top of the class and producing flawless soufflés. After all your hard work, you get to tuck into some seriously great food what could be a better reward than that.

There is a choice of committed and celebrated schools to select from.

Rick Stein's Cookery School, Padstow

Fun, food and learning what more could you want. Rick Stein does not need any introduction he has certainly changed the restaurant scene here in Cornwall, a celebrated and world recognised chef and the king of seafood here in Cornwall. He has an indelible mark on the area and is known for his attention to detail and quality of food. A well established cookery school that has been teaching for 20 years, so must be doing something right.

A stunning modern cookery school with a breathtaking location with views of the harbour and estuary, there is no better setting to learn how to cook seafood. You will join his talented and creative chefs on a one day hands-on cookery course. You will pick up expert tips on scaling, boning and filleting fish.

The day comprises of demonstrations, hands-on-cooking, lots of yummy food tasting. At the end of the day you get to take home a folder with useful tips together with mouth-watering recipes and meal suggestions so you can continue to use your new-found skills.

There are also a range of cooking classes available where you delve into the flavours of the world with lessons in Italian, French, Indian, Far Eastern, Mexican or Mediterranean cookery. After a busy day of creating take a seat alongside fellow students and put your dishes to the taste test.

There are also evening demos, four day courses and skills workshops, so lots of inspirational classes to choose from. All abundantly sprinkled with Stein’s laid-back signature style.

Fat Hen – The Wild Cookery School, Penzance

Fat Hen is run by wild food expert, Caroline Davey who is a committed and dedicated advocate to this organic form of gathering produce. A unique foodie course directed at people who want to know where the food comes from, the actual original source.

Here you don't just get to cook and feast you have to forage for your ingredients first. This involves rummaging in hedgerows for edible, flowers, leaves, berries, fungi and herbs and along the shoreline in search for surprising edible plant delights. Once you have collated the finest raw ingredients, you head back to Caroline's bespoke hand crafted kitchen and learn how to convert them into the freshest must-have ingredients for a choice of tasty dishes.

Whilst foraging you learn all about the produce to give you a better understanding of how they flavour dishes. Lots of information and skill is imparted as well as super helpful tips. Most of all it is fun.

The unique infusion of foraging and cooking adds a unique dimension to the experience. You get a sense of connection to the land, nature and its surroundings as well as bonding with strangers.

A lovely relaxing experience in a beautiful natural setting. A memorable day where you will gather, cook and eat the most delicious food. Most likely you will leave with the foraging bug.

There are a choice of courses with seafood and game cookery courses. Or perhaps you might be interested in getting involved with food cycling days, these take place in July and August.

Philleigh Way Cookery School, Truro

The Philleigh Way Cookery School is operated by brothers-in-law James Martin and George Pascoe who have an infectious enthusiasm for farmhouse cookery, using rustic recipes handed down by generations executed with a modern twist and using fantastic local and seasonal produce. They have gained invaluable experience working in top kitchens throughout the world that has resulted in an incredible raw talent.

The combination of their enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge together with the schools beautiful setting in an attractive converted farm building and its rural location ensures an interesting and memorable experience. Surrounded by woodland it allows you to reconnect with nature and the land.

Throughout your time here they share their worldly culinary expertise and provide great tips that are really helpful in the kitchen whilst, imparting their vast knowledge of food. Instructions are clear and well explained, everyone is given enough time for each stage of the process, it does not feel rushed. A relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere prevails with everyone working well together.

The dishes you prepare are simple and uncomplicated while bursting with flavour. You will certainly impress at your next dinner party.

If you even have the slightest interest in cooking, you will gain so much from a class here. Choose from day, weekend or week long courses, covering a range of cooking styles cuisines. You will soon be ready for Masterchef.

7th Rise, Truro

The emphasis at 7th Rise is the great outdoors, from its gorgeous isolated setting amongst oak woodland overlooking the River Fal in this secluded corner of Cornwall, to the ingredients that are foraged from the local seashore, woods, fields and hedgerows. Their aim is to reconnect people with the wilderness which isn't difficult in this beautiful natural setting.

Offering exciting, captivating and individual courses, taught by leading specialists from the UK, it is basically back to basics here. The first lesson involves being taught how to identify edible wildlife to use in your cooking, as well as inedible varieties. The kitchen is located in a charming 300 year old charcoal burner's cottage. You will be taught how to build a fire, after collecting kindling from the woods, some outdoor cooking techniques and how to prepare a few dishes.

The day includes lunch, equipment, instruction and hot drinks. Concluding with a mouthwatering feast of the dishes, you have made from scratch.

Definitely the destination for something different and an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Mahe Cookery School and Chef's Table, Padstow

Another big contender on the restaurant scene here in Cornwall is Paul Ainsworth, chef, Michelin star holder and proprietor of several top restaurants. There is no one better to take guidance from.

Join a class to discover how to create fabulous dishes in his sate of the art kitchen with unique antiques and bespoke furnishings. An intimate and relaxed space where you will discover how to create amazing dishes under the observant eye of the talented and creative John Walton.

An informal atmosphere is the theme here, with everyone meeting in the morning for a light breakfast of locally sourced treats and fresh coffee. You will then meet the team behind the extraordinary No. 6 restaurant. Then it is time to don your chef's whites and get stuck in with hands-on tuition whilst you learn to create your own masterpiece to take home. There is a break for lunch that is served at the gorgeous chef's table accompanied by a glass of carefully selected wine. The afternoon involves you sharpening your cooking skills and learning a few tricks of the trade that will allow you to improve your cooking abilities.

The day concludes with you taking home the fruits of your labour, so you can enjoy them at home. Expert tutelage in a remarkable setting.

Please let us know of any other great cookery schools you know of.