Discover Cornwall with an E-Bike

Published January 5th, 2022 Discover Cornwall with an E-Bike Published in: General

One of the main attractions of Cornwall is the fantastic scenery and all that the great outdoors offers. Many of us are not as fit as we may like to be and would find it difficult to get around on foot or by bike. Hiring an electric bike is by far one of the best ways to explore our beautiful duchy and see places you may not get to by car.

What is great about an electric bike is you don’t have to be a great cyclist and they are sure to change your cycling experience; for many of us for the better! It is effectively still the same principle you pedal but without having to use too much effort! It is entirely up to the individual as to how much assistance you use.

When using an electric bike you, are still exercising and getting all the benefits you would when using a regular bike.

In addition, they are in incredibly eco-friendly way to get around and a fun way to explore with friends and family.

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Once you have chosen from the many electric suppliers here in Cornwall it won’t be long till you are on your way to a fun adventure. There are a range of sizes on offer along with helmets, baby seats, baskets, and dog carriers. Some hire shops also offer a delivery service.

Firstly, you will be given a demonstration of your electric bike including important aspects like how to engage the electric boost, helpful for those hills and, importantly, how to lock the bike. The easy-to-use controls are fitted conveniently to the handlebars.

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The hire shops will also be happy to recommend routes based on your fitness and experience, or how long you want to be out. Some suppliers can also provide a phone to take with you that has a selection of carefully created routes installed on it for GPS navigation as you cycle. They include ‘Places to See’ and ‘Place to Stop’ along the way, so you won’t miss out on some great attractions.

You don’t need to fear a steep incline; an electric bike will allow you to climb those steepest slopes without a struggle. We also found the bikes to be super comfortable.

When it is time for a well-deserved rest stop you can lock up your bike and enjoy great food and incredible views.

With an electric bike you can go so much further and see so much more it really opens opportunities to explore both the epic coast and countryside here in Cornwall.

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We sure enjoyed our time whizzing around the Cornwall countryside on our zippy electric bikes, and they have a great range so you can really explore far and wide.