Hot Chocolate Heaven

Published January 17th, 2022 Hot Chocolate Heaven Published in: Food & Drink

It is hard to beat a delicious Hot Chocolate, one of our favourite things about Cornish winters is the prospect of a guilt free hot chocolate, after all it is cold, and you need the comfort a delicious hot chocolate brings. What is better than snuggling down in a cosy café or walking the coast with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, it’s like a warm hug in a mug.

You can pick up a hot chocolate pretty much anywhere these days, but we are thinking more along the lines of a decadent hot chocolate, one with lashings of whipped cream and delicious toppings. It truly is a cup of good stuff.

What does make a really great hot chocolate? It most definitely must be the chocolate, the creamier and chocolatier the better! Our fave is a block of chocolate melted in a cup of steaming hot milk, delicious.

Not sure if we will make it to the end of this article before one of us to nip out to grab one! It’s definitely a hot chocolate kind of day.

Well, here we go with our suggestion of places where you must try their hot chocolate offerings.

For an added bonus many of our favourites have gorgeous views to enjoy as you savour your hot drink of loveliness.

1. Godrevy Beach Café, near Hayle

Tucked away in the sand dunes behind the beach is this chalet style cafe; offering a warm welcome to everyone. Their menu is interesting with a tempting range of hot and cold food and drink. However, their hot chocolates are out of this world, lashings of whipped cream, marshmallows, and chocolate buttons. Young or old you will love them.

On a cold day it is the perfect place to hunker down with a hot chocolate.

2. Poldhu Beach Café & Shop, Mullion

One to visit if you class yourself as a chocolate connoisseur. This award-winning café is known for their amazing hot chocolates, and boy do they know how to make one. Choose from four different types.

They have a number of fancy flavours, and toppings including Reese’s, Mini Eggs, Maltesers, Chocolate Buttons, Toblerone, Biscoff and Oreo’s, not forgetting the obligatory whipped cream and marshmallows that come as standard. The wooden spoon provided is helpful in scooping up the cream and toppings, yum!

They also offer dairy free options too just let them know if you prefer almond, oat for soy milk.

3. The Sorting Office, St Agnes

A quirky little ex-post office tucked away in the heart of the village. Whist known for their excellent coffee, fresh pastries, and delicious cake; their hot chocolate is divine. Truly authentic, they place a melting chocolate spoon of either milk or dark chocolate into steaming milk.

They also have seasonal flavours to further enhance your drink like white chocolate and cinnamon, gingerbread, kinder Bueno or biscoff. It is the perfect treat.

They also have an amazing range of vegan; gluten free and regular cakes too.

4. The Beach Hut, Watergate Bay, Newquay

This family and dog-friendly restaurant serve up an Extreme Hot Chocolate, it comes with lashings of cream, loaded with marshmallows and chocolate buttons. Enjoy your cup of deliciousness as you watch the Atlantic swell or after a bracing walk across Watergate Bay. The perfect combination regardless of the weather.

They have even shared their recipe on how to make their extreme hot chocolate at home.


5. Swanpool Beach Café

Take a walk along the coast path, or a beach walk on Swanpool Beach and reward yourself with a well-deserved hot chocolate. They serve seriously luxurious and unique hot chocolate options, with quirky names like “Sticky Toffee’, Malt Teaser”,‘Get Minted’,‘Hedgehog”and ‘Jaffa.’ Your luxurious hot chocolate comes with a generous swirl of whipped cream along with your choice of flavour, or just plain if that’s how you prefer yours.

Situated on the edge of the beach their seating area looks over the beach and they offer hot water bottles and blankets to snuggle under if you get chilly.


6. The Hidden Hut, Porthscatho

They are famed for their superpopular feast nights in the summer. Opening again in early spring when you can try one of their amazing hot chocolates. Smooth and frothy with fresh cream and marshmallow toppings; simple yet delicious.

A quirky little wooden hut that has spectacular views of the coast and an abundance of fresh sea air.

7. Constantine Beach Café, near St Merryn

Indulge in one of their luxury hot chocolates, cream, choc chips, toasted marshmallows and cookies topped with a flake and wooden spoon.

Sit back and enjoy the view whilst sipping on your creamy chocolate infusion.

Their deluxe hot chocolates certainly live up to expectations. A little piece of heaven in a mug.

8. Slice of Cornwall at Trewardreva Mill, Constantine

Set within a peaceful woodland, in a quaint summer house is the delectable Slice. Inside is cosy and warm and the outside seating deck area is blissful in the sunshine, surrounded by wildflowers. The home of indulgent hot chocolates, served in giant mugs, topped with giant marshmallows.

Their food is delicious and worth checking out, packed with local produce so worth trying when visiting. Or perhaps ou will be tempted by one of their tasty treats.

They offer a Cubs Hot Chocolate for the little ones, served in a cute bear mug.

9. Coffee on the Corner, Newquay

If you are serious about your hot chocolate, then this is one stop you should not miss. It is a proper local gem with a quirky interior and an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

In addition to your frothy hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, they offer the addition of your favourite tipple. There are plenty of seasonal flavours like, Cointreau hot chocolate with whipped cream and matchmakers, an amaretto hot chocolate or a boozy crème de menthe hot chocolate.

Does a boozy treat appeal to you? It could be just the pep you need.


10. Widemouth Bay Café, Bude

If the panoramic views over the beach and bay weren’t enough then try one of their hot chocolates. Their Widdy hot chocolate comes loaded with whipped cream, flake and chocolate sprinkles.

They can make a vegan option also.

Watch the surf rolling in as you enjoy your delicious hot chocolate in this warm and cosy cafe. Or take your drink and wander along the beach.

11. Rosie’s Kitchen by Brooklet Beach, Bude

You would not expect an American diner to serve up incredible hot chocolates. Their classic is pretty good, but you have to try out one of their variations that include mint, Turkish delight and white chocolate.

Vegans are catered to too with the choice of coconut, oat or soya milk available.

We hope you enjoy our hot chocolate suggestions as much as we do.