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Published May 11th, 2020 Nature In Cornwall Published in: Nature

Cornwall is simply bursting with nature and natural beauty abounds in this picture perfect corner of England. It has to be one of the most beautiful places to visit. From towering rugged cliffs to sheltered valleys, the sheer variety and diversity is unimaginable.

Miles of stunning walks both along the coast and through the open rolling grassland and captivating countryside, or over bleak Bodmin Moor, through ancient woodland and unspoiled forests, the landscape is diverse and exciting. One day you can be revelling in the beautiful beaches, the next taking in the strikingly beautiful serpentine stone of the Lizard Peninsula, believed to have been formed over 375 million years ago.

There are beautiful gardens to explore, where you can appreciate the luscious land, the breathtaking scenery and variety of plants. The unique habitat here allows for the growth and blossoming of an abundance of rare wild flowers and plants.

The beaches are stunning and rival those you would find abroad with their fine golden sands and crystal azure waters. Natural harbours and charming fishing villages showcase all that is fabulous about the region.

You don't have to venture far to come across the natural beauty of the region. It is a sensory overload. You can choose to sit back and admire the views or immerse yourself amongst it.

Tehidy Country Park, Cambourne

Tehidy Woods are the largest woodlands in West Cornwall covering a remarkable 250 acres, and are well maintained. A country park that is has more than 9 miles of colour coded paths and trails and a beautiful lake, home to ducks and swans. There are streams branching off that you can paddle in, and a series of manmade waterfalls. The local birds and squirrels are quite tame and will feed from your the palm of your hand. You will find wood carvings alongside the path, as well as interesting shaped bits of trees and rope swings for children to play on.

A great place to come and explore the great outdoors, feel yourself relax as you walk through the clean air of these woods. Visit in spring to enjoy the bluebells,

A great day out, with walks suitable for buggies and wheelchair users, and dogs are welcome too, although not permitted in some areas so do check.


St Nectan's Glen Near Tintagel

A mystical and interesting glen with a stunning 60 foot waterfall that tumbles into a hidden valley near Tintagel, in fact there are three waterfalls. You can walk through and stand behind one of them, you can borrow wellies from the shop if needed. It is a quite a climb to the top of the waterfalls but well worth the effort. There are multiple platforms along the way to stop and rest.

This gorgeous glen is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty as well as site of Special Scientific interest for its rare plants. The Trevillet River has chased a path through the local Devonian slate creating the valley.

You don't have to be a nature lover to appreciate the splendour of this glen, it has the most beautiful views as you pass through the ancient woodland. A hidden gem that can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Penrose Estate Near Helston

Penrose Estate is a vast area of parkland positioned between Portleven and Helston, 1536 acres in fact. The rolling parkland of the estate stretches to include a section of coast. Home to mature woodland and miles of trails and Cornwall's largest natural freshwater lake. With an outdoor gym if you are feeling energetic.

Penrose provides lots to see and do, there are a number of long and short walks in sheltered woodlands, or along the coast with incredible views. Stop and feed the ducks or let the children enjoy the playground. Delicious refreshments available at the Lakeside Cafe.

Luxulyan Valley, St Austell

Luxulyan Valley has an incredible two miles of beautiful tranquil woodland. Running though this is loads of little streams feeding to the River Par. Remnants of the area's rich industrial mining history is dotted around the valley along with the massive granite Treffry viaduct which used to carry the tramways. You will also see an old disused building with a sealed off underground rail line, a Norman Church, watermill and old field settlements hidden amongst the ancient woodland consisting of beautiful twisted oak trees.

A circular walk follows the leats and horse-drawn tramways through this World Heritage site. The walks are well marked and mostly level. History abounds in the area and if you download the iWalk Cornwall app you will get all the information about the industrial remains, history and ecology of the area.

Land's End, Sennen

Land's End has a natural rugged beauty, the imposing cliffs are buffeted by the crashing waves from the Atlantic. It is the most westerly point in mainland England and a popular tourist destination.

The rock formations and scenery are breathtaking with lots of cliff side trails. There is literally blue as far as the eye can see. The views are the highlight of this destination, simply spectacular regardless of the weather.

So many photographic opportunities here in this natural setting. There is a cost to get your photo taken with the iconic signpost.

Kennall Vale, Redruth

Kennall Vale is a gorgeous natural woodland housing a secret industrial past amongst its foliage and trees. This nature reserve is dotted with old granite ruins of gunpowder factories that are being reclaimed by nature and dressed in its green finery. This nature reserve constantly throws up new experiences as you walk around, waterfalls, bridges and old structures.

There are lovely scenic walks along with a fascinating history that will entertain all ages. Plenty of places for children to scramble and run free. You can walk along the leats and paddle in them during the summer. Dogs are welcome too.

The canopy of the trees provides cover so a nice place to walk if the weather is not ideal.

A hidden paradise with stunning views and a mystical and tranquil ambience. Lots of places to stop and sit, a lovely place for a picnic. Please note that there are no facilities here, you will have to go to the local village to avail of them.


Golitha Falls, Liskeard

The Golitha Falls are an arrangement of stunning cascades and waterfalls through a steep gorge. Found along a section of the River Fowey as it flows through the ancient oak woodland of Draynes Wood. The river and falls are thunderous and fast after a heavy rain fall and even more spectacular. A well known beauty spot on Bodmin Moor with lots of interesting places to explore, beautiful scenery, with a diversity of plants, home to many species of wildlife and the views are excellent. There are a number of marked trails to choose from.

Children will love the freedom of running around, clambering over rocks, balancing on logs and splashing about.

A magical place as the light dapples through the overhead canopy of tree branches. A truly relaxing and peaceful location with stunning views.

Not a suitable walk for those who are not steady on their feet, or for push-chairs or wheelchair users. Inkies Smokehouse is the spot to stop for refreshments after your invigorating walk.

Carnglaze Caverns And The Rum Store, Liskeard

Carnglaze Caverns are the last thing you would expect to find on the desolate landscape of Bodmin Moor. Featuring three underground caverns extending to more than 100 metres, located in a picturesque wooded hillside between Liskeard and Bodmin. These tunnels and caves provide the opportunity to experience slate mining in Cornwall. The caverns are beautiful and very atmospheric. The display of crystals is impressive and mesmerising.

Take the woodland walk, keep an eye open for fairies in the enchanted dell and see the hobbit house. Discover the underground tunnels on a tour of the mines, don your hard hat and torch and you are good to go. Complete the journey at the underground lake with its distinctive blue and green waters owing to the minerals in the rocks. Take an extra layer as it can get chilly in the caves.

The Lost Gardens Of Heligan, Pentewan

The most well known gardens here in Cornwall are the incredible and mysterious Lost Gardens of Heligan, you can't help but be in awe of this amazing space which is even more unbelievable in that they were discovered 25 years ago and have been lovingly restored to their former beauty. The interesting history of these gardens is well documented and you can read all about them and the restoration process.

The estate allows you to immerse yourself in an alternative world of traditional and rare species of plants, wildlife, ancient woodland and incredible sculptures. There are plenty of paths to wander around and different areas to explore such as the flower garden, Italian garden, jungle garden and many more. The rope bridge is a fun challenge and a real highlight especially amongst the children. Home to farm animals too that children can interact with.

There is a sense of magic that prevails over this gorgeous and fascinating gardens. A wonderful oasis of calm in a natural setting.

Take a picnic or visit the restaurant and make a day of it here.