Take the Plunge into a Different Perspective with Lizard Adventure

Published March 23rd, 2022 Take the Plunge into a Different Perspective with Lizard Adventure Published in: Sports

Immerse yourself in fun and nature with an adventure with Lizard Adventure. With more than 30 years’ experience in running activities, they are well qualified to ensure your adventure runs smoothly and you have a fantastic time.

Lizard Adventure work closely with the National Trust to protect and promote the continued care of the jewel that is the Cornish coastline.

They offer the opportunity to connect with the tangible world and disengage with technology for a few hours. If you feel like touching base with reality, then look no further. When out on the water you get to see Cornwall from an altogether different perspective. The coastline is home to amazing wildlife, with caves, arches, tunnels, and sea stacks to explore. Kayaking is an excellent way to get into all these nooks and crannies.

When out and about in nature keep your eyes open as you may see seals diving, basking sharks swimming and dolphins playing in the coastal waters.

Lizard Adventure offer activities from a gentle paddle to a complete adrenalin rush. Outdoor activities on offer include, coasteering, sea kayaking, paddle boarding and rock climbing.

Getting out on the water is a remarkable experience, and an experience you should take. In life it is the things we missed out on that we regret. Concerned you don’t have anyone to go with? Don’t let that stand in your way, you will meet other like-minded people on your adventure.

Concerned you will be left behind/not be able to keep up? Lizard Adventure have a range of possible locations and will endeavour to match your ability with the appropriate conditions. You don’t require any experience to take part in any activities. You will be given sufficient instruction and safety training before you head out.

All activities are led by qualified and experienced staff, with a friendly local touch. Tours are a balance of safety, enjoyment, and adventure, so you can ensure it is a highlight of your time in Cornwall.

To book your adventure go to www.lizardadventure.co.uk

We recently met and had a chat with with Head Guide - Matt Holyer

For many people your job sounds amazing and so much fun. Has this always been your dream job?

"I grew up on the Lizard and have always been passionate about the area and especially the coast. From a very young age, almost every weekend and evening I would be out exploring secret coves tucked away on our coast with my family and friends. Even through the winter, I spent many hours hypnotised watching crashing waves. I always knew going to any career’s day that nothing on offer there was for me, but had no idea what fate had up its sleeve!"

What got you started in this business?

"I got into kayaking with a friend at university whilst studying geology in Cornwall. In my final year I was doing a project on the coast around Mullion on the Lizard and kept seeing the guides at Lizard Adventure kayaking and coasteering and thought to myself, “that looks like more fun!”. That was over 8 years ago now and I’ve been hooked ever since…" "

What’s your favourite thing about working at Lizard Adventure?

"I have a true passion for all the sites that we are so fortunate to run from. If I didn’t work there, I would be there anyway; it’s beautiful and amazing. In fact I still go there on my day’s off! The sheer number of hours that I get to spend on the water means I get to see a tremendous amount of wildlife and share their stories with others. Teaching that we are in their home and therefore need to treat them and the area with respect."

What makes you different to other adventure companies?

"The company ethos of environmentalism and sustainability. Our partnership with the National Trust means that we don’t just offer adventures but open people’s eyes to the natural world too."

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What is the importance of kayaking with certified kayakers?

"The sea is an extremely dynamic and changeable environment. There are many misconceptions out there; you simply don’t know what you don’t know. I’ve been kayaking for 10 years now and personally I love pushing myself and being out in the surf or choppy seas. However, even though I’ve now paddled in what to most people would be fairly extreme conditions, it was some of my trips in my 1st month of paddling with a friend that were the most dangerous - even though we always headed out in calm conditions. We had no idea how to help each other if we got into difficulty or how to prevent small issues from escalating in the first place."

What is the most challenging aspect of leading a sea kayaking tour?

"Being in the heads of all your group members and recognising the conditions through the eyes of those you have just met, as opposed to your own, to help give them the best experience possible. This can also be one of the most rewarding areas where, so long as you build peoples trust and confidence, they can achieve what they never imagined was possible."

What would you say to people undecided about going on a kayak/paddle board?

"Give it a go! Give us a call and be upfront that you are nervous, and we will endeavour to take you out in the calmest conditions we can. Quiz the instructor about everything and anything to do with paddling. We’re always happy to answer any of your concerns or general questions. I’m always shocked how many people at the end of a session are buzzing and tell me, “I didn’t expect to enjoy that!”."

Do you offer more challenging paddles to more experienced paddlers/kayakers?

"New to 2022, once we have sufficient numbers, we split our sessions into either Explorer or Adventurer depending on whether you’d rather focus on seeing nature or taming it! We also offer one-to-one or small group coaching in sea and surf kayaking for those looking to really build on their personal paddling skills."

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What would you hope a visitor would take away from an activity adventure with Lizard Adventure?

"A beaming smile, local history knowledge, a newfound respect for the natural environment and the importance of heading out with an experienced guide."

What is your favourite outdoor activity?

"Genuinely I love them all on their day, Paddleboarding for staring into our crystal-clear waters, kayaking for exploring every nook and cranny along the coast and coasteering for setting that inner child free again and just having a laugh!'

Are there any waters you would like to paddle?

"I’m so lucky that Cornwall offers a wide range of opportunities to satisfy my needs and I’ve paddled almost all of it now! But for me I’m fascinated by areas of the coast that essentially form tidal rivers with surfable waves that stop and change direction roughly every six hours, mind blowing. So, I’d love to take a trip to the West coast of Scotland to explore some more of these tide races."

What is the strangest thing you have seen whilst out on the water?

"Ha I could write a book, I’ve been very fortunate! I’ve seen whales, dolphins, playful seals, barrel jellyfish over a meter round, sea gooseberries that almost look like fake eyeballs, starfish, sea urchins, a huge range of sea sponges and anemones, swarms of spider crabs, swam amongst huge shoals of fish, and that’s without even mentioning the bird life… I’ve even rescued mice and an adder that had taken a fall from the cliffs! But one that will stay with me for a long time was a bluefin tuna shooting straight out of the water just meters away from us. Magical memories."

Finally, what is your favourite spot in Cornwall, either on or offshore?

"If I had to choose then I’d say Mullion Cove, it’s a truly heart meltingly stunning spot yet still underappreciated compared to other areas of Cornwall."

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Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us, it has been fun and fascinating.

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