Top 5 Ice Cream Stops Cornwall

Published May 13th, 2020 Top 5 Ice Cream Stops Cornwall Published in: Food & Drink

Cornwall is well known as a summer destination and nothing tastes better on a hot summers day than a delicious ice cream.

In fact Cornwall has a number of ice-cream producers who make the most creamy and delicious ice cream you will ever taste. It will tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving for another.

We are only too delighted to point you in the right direction of this delectable treat, we have the inside scoop on where to get Cornwall's finest ice cream.

Callestick Farm in Truro

Callestick Farm produce award winning delicious creamy ice-cream here on their farm. A small herd of Friesian cows are the stars of the show, living a life of luxury here in the rich pastures whilst enjoying the best grass and weather Cornwall has to offer. Over the past 25 years the Parker family have created the perfect ice cream recipe. Meet the stars of the show before heading to the ice cream factory to see the production process from the viewing gallery before making your way to the shop for some of the most yummy ice cream you will ever taste. Plenty of choice, from exotic toasted coconut to a decadent Belgian chocolate and lots more. Children can play in the play area while you eat your creamy treat.

Jelberts in Penzance

Jelberts award winning ice cream has been around for a long time, in fact it is more of an institution. A lovely old fashioned shop that serves a traditional vanilla ice cream with a unique taste you won't get elsewhere. Made fresh daily on the premises from fresh local produce and nothing more than that. There is nothing fancy or any gimmicks here, you can opt for clotted cream, wafers and a flake if you want to indulge. It is simply about the yummy creamy and luscious ice cream. Be prepared for the queues in the summer.

Moomaid of Zennor in St Ives

Moomaid of Zennor also produce their own ice cream and sorbets from milk and cream from their cows that graze on their local farm. All ingredients are mixed by hand to create a rich and luxurious ice cream. There is a great range, with more than 30 sumptuous flavours available, they like to create new and exotic flavours that taste amazing like their famous, Shipwreck, as do the more basic flavours. Tastes best when eaten by the harbour's edge, simply wonderful ice cream. Ice cream that just won't disappoint, the textures and flavours are amazing.

Mr B's Ice Cream Parlour in Hayle

Mr B's Ice Cream Parlour should not be missed, they make their ice cream fresh daily in the shop. Serving the most amazing artisan ice cream, with lots of fantastic flavours to choose from, they have over 200 varieties on record. Delicious Italian gelato made using fresh local produce and authentic Italian flavourings. Choose from the classics to strange concoctions, they have a menu you can only dream about. You will keep returning to try some new flavour.

Roskilly's Organic Farm in St Keverne

Roskilly's Organic Farm provide's a unique form cow to cone experience. Come take a peak at a real working farm, stroll through the meadows to meet the cows that provide the milk. See them happily roaming the pastures eating the green grass and soaking up the weather, in this tranquil setting. You can see the Jersey cow's being milked which is start of the ice cream production process. This milk and cream is then used to create more than 30 delicious flavours of exceptional organic ice cream, sorbets and frozen yogurt from traditional vanilla to exotic armadillo ice cream complete with crunchy, chewy pieces. All the ingredients that are used in their ice cream come from the farm. There is no charge to visit the farm but you will have to cough up for a dreamy creamy treat. Will you be able to resist taking some home with you for later.

Ice cream tastes great at any time of the year, so go ahead and treat yourself to a scoop or two.