What is All The Buzz Surrounding Coasteering

Published October 11th, 2020 What is All The Buzz Surrounding Coasteering Published in: Sports

If you are adventurous, fancy steeping outside of you comfort zone or are looking for an adrenaline buzz, you might want to try out extremely popular outdoor activity, coasteering, it provides a unique way to see the wonders of the seas.

Cornwall is the idyllic destination for this thrilling activity with its dramatic cliffs and rugged and enchanting coastline.

What exactly is coasteering we hear you ask, although we have heard of this activity, if like us you aren’t entirely sure what it entails, we can advise that coasteering is a shore to sea adventure sport. It is the Welsh you are accredited with inventing coasteering. It is a quirky and engaging way to experience the coastline that is not accessible by normal means i.e. boat or shore, and involves getting from A to B but in an exciting way: mixing climbing and clambering over rocks with swimming, looking into caves and rockpools, plunging into the sea from various heights and playing around in the water. It basically combines several adventure sports in one whilst allowing you to commune with nature; there is just the birds above, rock and sea below and you and your group, (team mate, as it is a group activity), and maybe a few playful seals!

It can be a dangerous activity if you don’t know what you are doing, as there can be hidden dangers and obstacles, it is best to use a guide whose local knowledge ensures that you are safe and this is where we would like to introduce you to Kernow Coasteering, they are one of Cornwall’s top providers of coasteering and rock climbing activities. They have technical knowledge and know all about riptides, the waves, water depths and the possibility of hidden rocks, as well as being experienced in first aid, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with them. They also adapt the route and obstacles based on clients abilities fitness levels and preferences so you are fully involved throughout. This way you can be assured all the fun of coasteering but in a safe and controlled manner.

The guys at Kernow Coasteering passion is adventure and they can be found on their days off, out on about on the Cornish cliffs honing their skills and discovering new secrets of Cornwall’s incredible coastline, to share with their clients.

Although the cliffs of Cornwall are really dramatic and can appear terrifying, from sea level, you get an entirely different perspective. They will start you off easy with easy climbs and small jumps progressing as your confidence and abilities grow. At first you may be wondering what the hell you are doing but, in no time and with an open mind you will be fully immersed and enjoying the adventure. Some say it is rejuvenating and even makes you feel young again!

You don’t have to worry about the weather; coasteering is an all-weather activity, after all you will be getting wet. If the weather is particularly inclement and the water too rough you don’t have to venture into the sea, you can just explore the rocks where it is more sheltered.

Kernow Coasteering provide the basic kit needed for your adventure, it is all top quality gear and includes a warm neoprene wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid but good foot wear is essential, so take along a pair of old lace up trainers, they will be needed to protect your feet from sharp rocks and barnacles. They recommend taking along a pair of shorts to wear over your wetsuit, for extra padding when needed especially on snagging rocks, swimwear, a towel and don’t forget the GoPro, there will be lots of opportunities for amazing pictures.

Although physically challenging it is easy enough and accessible to most people and anyone from the age of 9 years old can get involved with this activity, you don’t need to be a strong swimmer, just comfortable in the water. When booking, it is best to let them know if you have any young children so they can ascertain if the sea conditions will be too rough, they will be able to advise on the best days to take part in coasteering.

Coasteering is incredibly addictive and brilliant fun, whilst helping to overcome certain fears and allowing you to gain self-confidence, although scary at first, you will be soon doing fantastic jumps and find yourself gradually getting braver and higher as you go along.

If you are just looking to take part in rock climbing then the minimum age is 5 years old, it is the perfect family activity, fun and thrilling. All ropes and equipment is provided.

For those of you who have some experience of coasteering or are seeking more of a challenge Kernow Coasteering offer an advanced coasteering route at Land’s End, the minimum age to get involved with this is 16-years of age. It is an epic challenge and they are certain criteria needed to take part. Full details are on their website.

You can rest assured that Kernow Coasteering have your health and safety at the forefront at all times and can relax and have an amazing day out along the incredible coastline of Cornwall surrounded by amazing scenery and wildlife. So grab your helmet and prepare to dive into this fun and thrilling sport. It is the ideal activity to challenge yourself and the ultimate coastal experience, exploring the pristine natural setting of Cornwall, it will most likely be the highlight of your holiday.

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