What Should you Pack for a stay in Cornwall?

Published March 8th, 2022 What Should you Pack for a stay in Cornwall? Published in: General

So, Cornwall is your chosen holiday destination, and you are in for a treat. But the question likely arising is, ‘What to Pack’?’

It is a destination where it is best to be prepared for your visit to make it as enjoyable as possible.

A few items of housekeeping to address in advance of you leaving.

Check the website of where you are staying for the actual directions. It is not advisable to purely rely on Sat Nav it has been known to take you down some obscure routes and nowhere near to where you want to be.

If you are driving down to Cornwall, be prepared for long traffic queues, it is almost a certainty especially if visiting in July or August. We would suggest packing some activities to entertain children, or it could be a tiring journey. Perhaps some snacks and drinks too.

Do watch out for the average speed cameras and take note of them. You don’t want any surprises waiting for you on your return.

Moving on to what to pack:

Cold and hot weather clothing

Be prepared for all seasons, one minute it could be shorts and t-shirts soaking up the sun, the next minute, the rain could be pouring down. The weather is known for being unpredictable and changing quickly. Essentials are a waterproof jacket, and a warm jumper/fleece.

Layering is the key!


An umbrella could prove to be invaluable, a shade for the sun and a saviour if caught in a rain shower.

Sun cream

We have our own microclimate and do tend to get warmer temperatures and can rival the Mediterranean in the summer. The sun does shine down here, and it shines for longer. You do not want to be walking around looking like a lobster.

Protective clothing is another valuable addition, saves you having to keep reapplying sun cream.

If you are in the water, make sure you apply a sunscreen that is highly water resistant and has UV and UVA protection.


Do not just pack your flip flops or sandals; if you are venturing out on coastal walks or taking part in activities it is best to have suitable and comfortable footwear. We have many uneven paths. Also, if it rains you will have something to protect you from puddles.

Walking shoes are invaluable if you are planning on a hike or trying any of our nature trails.

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Many of the holiday properties do not provide the use of beach towels, so it is best to pack your own. You will most likely be spending a lot of time on our fabulous beaches.

Picnic blanket

They can be multi-purpose. Obviously great for a family picnic but can also keep you warm if the temperature drops. Or when watching a sunset.


Although most places take cards, sometimes the internet connection is not great and can cause problems especially with parking, it is a common complaint here. To avoid any unwanted parking charges, it is best to have cash. Also, if visiting craft shops or stalls you will be able to pick up a unique souvenir to take home.

Reusable Water Bottle

You will get thirsty whilst on the beach or when out walking so it is best to have a bottle you can fill with tap water. The tap water here is perfectly fine to drink. It will save you considerably during your stay here. In addition, you will be helping to reduce the carbon-footprint and be more sustainable.

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A beach tent and or a wind breaker

Some of the beaches are quite exposed with no shelter from prevailing winds. A cover is invaluable if you have children to provide some shelter from the sun, and protection from the wind, or rain.

A cheap paddling pool is a great means to keep a baby cool and happy, simply throw in a few baby toys with them and they will splash away.

Board Games/Deck of Cards

A great way for families and friends to connect when away. They provide an evening of fun or can pass the time if you encounter a wet day during your stay. Many holiday properties provide games and have a selection of books for guests to use during their stay.

A Waterproof Pouch/Bag

They are invaluable if going to take part in any outdoor or water-based activities. They will keep your valuables safe. You can still use your mobile phone without having to open the bag. Just ensure all zips have been completely sealed and any tape secured.

Finally, a big appetite!

Pastie’s, Cream Tea’s, ice cream, fish and chips are all a must whilst staying here and hard to resist!

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Many of these items may seem obvious, but sometimes it is the little items that can make the difference.

Don’t worry if you forget anything Cornwall has plenty of places where you can pick up holiday items and anything you may need.

One thing you won’t need is your watch; you have come to Cornwall to holiday, so just sit back and chill. Switch to Cornwall time.