Where to go for the best Cornish Pasties in Cornwall

Published April 15th, 2022 Where to go for the best Cornish Pasties in Cornwall Published in: Food & Drink

Cornish pasties are a well-known and a favourite amongst both locals and visitors. Although a humble food source, they are an essential part of the Cornish holiday experience for many holiday makers. You can’t leave Cornwall without sampling a tasty pasty.

But where did they come from? Well, they originated as portable lunches for miners, farmers and fishermen to take to work. They were affordable for families and calorific to give the miners energy to carry out their work. They can be dated back as far as the 1200s. These traditional pastises are also known as oggies or tidy oggies. Before tucking into their lunch Cornish miners would shout ‘Oggie Oggie, Tiddy Oggi’ in unison at mealtimes. You cannot beat the aroma of a pasty.

A housewife would bake one of these tasty and sustaining pasties for each member of the household and mark with their initials at one end of their pasty. The miners would carry their pasty to work in a tin bucket which they would place a burning candle underneath to heat the pasty. They would discard the oggies thick pastry edge after eating the rest of their pasty, this was to avoid being poisoned by arsenic from their fingers.

A traditional Cornish pasty is filled with beef, sliced, or diced potato, swede and onion, and seasoned with salt and pepper. They are a real comfort food and can be eaten hot or cold. Although originally they would not customarily contain meat.

A law came into effect in 2011 stating that a Cornish Pasty can only be made in Cornwall.

Pasty makers today offer a vast range of options, from your traditional shortcrust and puff pastry steak pasty, to vegetarian and vegan pasties, as well as some relatively unusual fillings as well!

Now the challenging part is where to go to get the best and tastiest pasty in Cornwall. We certainly all have our own opinion on where to get your pasty and our happy to share our suggestions.

Wherever you are in Cornwall you will not have to go far to find a pasty shop. They are a great snack if you are on the go and will provide fuel for exploring our outstanding county.

Happy eating and enjoy your pasty whatever flavour you choose.

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St Ives Bakery

This old-fashioned little bakery is open seven days a week and offers a choice of pasties that are baked throughout the day. They can be made to order with just an hour’s notice.

All their pasties are handmade with their traditional pasties available in shortcrust or flaky pastry and are crammed full of fillings. With plenty of choice, fillings on offer include traditional, Lamb n’Mint, Chicken, Steak n’ Stilton, Vegetarian, Cheese n’Onion, Cheese n’ Veg and Wholemeal Vegetarian.

St Agnes Bakery - St Agnes

One of the oldest bakeries in the country dating back to 1905, and still in the same premises where it all started. Ingredients are sourced from within the county, so you are supporting the local community when you purchase their products.

This award-winning bakery has perfected this Cornish staple, using time-honoured methods, classic recipes and premium ingredients. You can choose from traditional meat pasty, cheese and veg, with vegan and other veggie options also available.

For the festive season they have a special pasty filled with turkey, cranberry, and stuffing.

The Chough Bakery – Padstow

The owners Elaine and Rob have been making incredible pasties for more than 40 years from their bakery here in Padstow. Although renowned for their pasties they in addition offer an extensive selection of baked goods.

The Chough Bakery won several awards, including the Cornish Pasty World Championships in 2016.

Made using traditional methods, you can choose from their traditional meat pasty or Mediterranean vegetable pasty, they are equally delicious.

These freshly baked pasties taste especially good when eaten by the harbour.

The Cornsh Vegan – Truro

This award-winning vegan restaurant is known for its delicious and hearty plant-based comfort foods. The food here is amazing.

On the menu is their version of the Cornish pasty; this vegan pastry is filled with perfectly seasoned potato, onion and swede and is delicious.

All their food/dishes are prepared freshly in their kitchens daily using locally sourced ingredients.

Over the Top Cornish Pasties – Callington

These guys were the winners in the best pasty in the UK on the Parkdeans pasty trail. This family-run business produces their award-winning pasties using an old family recipe that has been passed down through the generations.

These homemade pasties are made using the finest locally sourced ingredients. You can choose from meat, vegetarian, or vegan pasties, and as they can be made to order you can choose extra onions, pepper, etc.

If you are local to Callington, you can purchase online and collect otherwise; they send their pasties by post, where you can enjoy them at home.

Furthermore, for every pasty sold a donation is made to Cornwall Air Ambulance, a very worthy charity.

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Pip’ Pasties – Penryn

The traditional Cornish pasties here are some of the largest here in Cornwall. Pips offer a variety of flavours in their pasties, from traditional steak, to chicken, lamb, veg, tikka, and cheese with veg or bacon.

Once a week they offer gluten free pasties.

You can enjoy your pasty by the waterfront at the bottom of the town and watch the fishing boats sail in.

Ann’s Pasties – Helston, Porthleven, Mullion and The Lizard

Ann is a genuine local and you are assured the real deal when you visit one of her shops dotted about the county. She began baking pasties for friends and neighbours before setting up and selling pasties from a stall.

Ingredients are all locally sourced from within a ten-mile radius of Ann’s home, so are authentically Cornish and as fresh as possible. Her pasties are handmade freshly every day.

If you are not local, you can have a pack of these delicious pasties delivered directly to your door. A little slice of Cornwall in your own home.

Philips – Hayle

This family run bakery has been hand-making pasties since 1958. All ingredients used are locally sourced using Cornish suppliers and freshly baked every morning. Their original shop is in Hayle where you can tuck into a tasty pasty. You will also find their stores dotted all over West Cornwall.

Their popular pasties boast a well-deserved reputation of being delicious, made with premium ingredients and generous portion sizes. The “P” on their pasties standing for premium.

You can also choose from a comprehensive selection of delicious baked goods. Or can buy a range of pasties online, as well as whole hampers and a selection of Philip's merchandise.

Morris Pasties Gover – Newquay

This small pasty shop is in the centre of Newquay. Their locally produced pasties are made at Peter Morris butchers in St Columb using a secret family recipe.

Choose from their best-selling traditional steak pasties or a creamy chicken pasty, a breakfast pasty, cheese, broccoli & sweetcorn, cheese & onion, lamb & mint or vegan spicy pasty.

The combination of pastry, fillings and seasoning is just right, the perfect combination.

Sarah’s Pasty Shop - Looe

This family run business makes their pasties daily by hand on the premises, using quality local produce and homemade pastry. Pop along and see them being made and crimped.

There is a range of delicious pasties to choose from including, the traditional steak pasty, miner’s pasty, cheese, bacon and leek pasty, steak and stilton pasty, spicy chickpea and lentil pasty, and many more. At Christmas you can try the delicious Christmas pasty; with turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry.

Sarah’s pasties are well seasoned, juicy with lots of meat and light pastry, they are one of the best pasties around.

Beware they do sell out quickly so get in early for your pasty fix.

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Wherever you chose to go for your pasty we hope you enjoy this Cornish staple.